Adventure Awaits

Something stinks in the swamps of K'Twal, but this time its not the water. Nestled on the Lucidian coast the port city of Stillben is the largest on the east coast of Tal'Dorei. With the defeat of the conclave it was hoped it would mean a return to business as usual. However shipments continue to disappear at an alarming rate, and hushed whispers among the local tell of a Swamp Mage working fiendish magic in the swamp. The Waterwatch is already stretched thin keeping a tenative peace between the rival thieves guilds in the city and cannot spare the men to investigate.

With yet another missing shipment this time ancient artifacts from Syngorn, The local Relic Seeker Guild has put out a call for adventurers, you will meet up with Ema'Heen at the local tavern known as The Tilted Toad. Your job track down the missing artifacts and get to the heart of the foulness in the swamp


Tal'Dorei D&D Plaza

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